HI Andrew, Just received the products. Where can I leave a review? We are ecstatic, the smell from the head was almost intolerable but, the difference is almost unbelievable. We had to remove the linen from that cabin because of the small but we can now put it back! ~ Gary & Stephanie  2021

I just wanted to write a Testimonial in regard to your Noflex Digestor.

We installed our septic system over twenty years ago, and it worked perfectly up until September 2016. Our septic system has two tanks and two absorption trenches, down hill of the trenches is our Dam, which is only for used for pumping water onto our extensive garden areas. We noticed the dam water was becoming contaminated with septic water leaching through the ground and seeping into the dam, increasing nutrients which caused a choking algae, as well as starting to smell.
This meant we had to drain the dam and clean it out.
Our problem was how to stop this happening again.
I was given a bottle of Noflex Digestor, and added it directly into the septic tank. Ignorantly miss dosing the tank, I noticed the build up of sediment sludge reduced to the point when the council inspector recently inspected the system they commented on how well the system was working and a measurement of the sludge was negligible.
I was told that most tanks this age would have to be drained and dug out, or totally replaced.

Our Dam is pristine, with many frog species as well as tortoise and small eels.
Thank you for your product, it has keeps our system working well and our environment beautiful.

Pastor Steve Ahern

Credit where credit is due

"We have had one head on our Cat that gave never ending problems with a smell. I have tried everything , the holding tank resembling some kind of awful chemistry experiment at times. Had minor success a few times but the smell always returned. One dose of Noflex down the pump out hose and flushed through with clean water. One dose in the head and flushed through with fresh water and left for 24 hours. Before this I couldn't even open vents on the tank to inspect without feeling quite ill for a long time afterwards. Now , absolutely no smell or sign of sludge anywhere. The inside of the tank looks pristine. By far the best product I've ever used. No more masking the problem but dealt with it once and for all."



Your product Noflex is amazing!

"Hi Jenny, Just a quick note of thanks. Your customer service is fantastic and your product Noflex is amazing!  We have battled with our septic system and the gas build up in the pipes causing a dreadful lingering smell in the toilets. Within 4 days and 3 small doses of Noflex the smell has disappeared. Can't get better than that."


No more smells!

"We are using Noflex in our septic tank on our property on the north coast and it is fantastic stuff. It seems to be working very well, no more smells! Thank you for selling such a wonderful product. We have given away one jar to our neighbours up there and they are very happy with it as well. "



A great endorsement from an expert on marine sanitation

"All the controlled testing in the world doesn't mean as much to me as consumer experience with a product. 5 years ago no one had heard of NoFlex...today it's available from every marine store and and online retailer I see, and boat owners everywhere are raving about how well it works, especially at dissolving sludge. Availability and distribution don't impress me but -0- negative comments about it does...and as the old saying goes, "50 million Frenchmen can't be wrong." Odorlos is still an excellent product and so is K.O. But they can't dissolve sludge and NoFlex can do everything both of those do AND dissolve sludge. That's enough to convince me to recommend it where appropriate."

Peggie Hall
Specializing in marine sanitation since 1987
Author "The NEW Get Rid of Boat Odors"


Very happy

"We used the product, it got rid of the smell in the bilge, very pleased with it. We also used it in a vacuflush cassette toilet system last week (Which smelt very bad). It not only cleaned it out but got rid of the smell - Very happy.

Jeff - Marine Sanitation Pty Ltd., VIC


Article 'Which Holding Tank Treatment is Right for my Boat?'

"You can try the super effective and highly recommended Noflex Digestor from Zaal - which is a Peroxyl based powder that releases micro-bubbles of oxgen that break up the sludge and promote the growth of naturally occurring aerobic (good!) bacteria - which inhibit the odor causing anaerobic process (the super stinky gas). Noflex needs to be added regularly and, like some other treatments, must not be combined with any other treatments or chemicals to work effectively."

Fisheries Supply Seattle - USA