Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Don’t use a proprietary toilet bowl cleaner from the supermarket in your ‘Heads’

In our warm climate and with most boats using salt-water flushes, boat owners don’t usually notice the build up of scale, caused by urine, in the toilet bowls and in particular, the drainage pipes. Then inevitably the toilet won’t flush property, or will jamb up because of the scale in the pipes. It is not a pleasant task to fix when you are out cruising and this happens.

Our new Zaal toilet bowl cleaner is specifically designed to remove the calcium scale in the bowls and lines. Importantly it is non-foaming thus preventing cavitation in vacuum toilets and if you are discharging overboard.

It is suitable for all Vacuum and pump systems, and unlike acid cleaners, such as muriatic acid, it will not harm metal pipes. Importantly it keeps seals lubricated and in good condition.


  1. If you are using Noflex do not use at the same time but allow a day between use of the products so the efficacy of either is not reduced by mixing.
  2. Just squirt into the toilet and under the rim and let the gel coat the bowl and leave to soak for 10 minutes.
  3. Clean with normal toilet brush and flush once so the gel can get to work clearing the pipes.