Noflex Digestor

Cleans and eliminates sewage smells without toxic chemicals, 100% guaranteed

  1. When Noflex granules are added to your tank they sink to the bottom where they react with the sludge, releasing bubbles of oxygen.
  2. This disperses the sludge and releases proteins that are a source of food for the live ‘good’ bacteria in your tank. 
  3. These bacteria then eat the odour-causing sludge particles and you’re left with an odour free tank! 

Noflex Digestor, made in Canada, is:

  • Fast - you’ll notice the difference within hours
  • Safe - it works by getting the good bacteria to eat the bad bacteria; the main by-product is sodium carbonate (washing soda)
  • Proven – it’s been used in commercial applications for years and is now available for home, RV and boat use in Australia
  • Cost Effective – A  475 gram pot of Noflex goes a long way. On average it lasts 3-4 months - that's around $3 per week to keep your tanks and grease traps, clean & odour-free


View the Material Safety Data Sheet for this product.